Ceilidh dancing - Weddings

The event provides an exciting opportunity for tourists and locals to come together and dance to exciting Scottish country dances with basic steps.

Ceilidh dances

Popular ceilidh dances are the Flying Scotsman, Gay Gordons and the Dashing White Sergeant. Take your partner’s hand and dance across the floor to the immediately memorable tunes. Music is performed by a traditional ceilidh band with fiddles, accordions and drums. Generally a band member will talk everyone through the moves first, allowing first-timers to join in the fun.

There are many venues around the country which often host ceilidhs. During the summer, you can partake in these ceilidh dances to commemorate the end of the Highland games.

Sit back at a ceilidh and enjoy the exciting and fun displays before you get on the floor to enjoy this fun, lively activity.

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Ceilidh dancing - Weddings

Ceilidhs, a traditional Scottish dance, have played an essential role in Scotland’s social and cultural life for several years, particularly at special occasions such as weddings.

Don’t worry about learning the dances as you go to a ceilidh as there will generally be a ‘caller’ who can explain the dances as each one begins.

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